2023 summer Schedule

For June and September By Hook or by Crooke Boat Tours will operate on Tuesdays,(from Ballyhack) and Saturdays (from Dunmore East) at 11pm and 2pm.

For July and August our regular Boat Tours will operate on Tuesdays (from Ballyhack) and Thursdays (from Ballyhack or Dunmore East) and Saturdays (from Dunmore East) also at 11pm and 2pm.

Weather and tidal conditions may cause changes to these schedules, but ample notice will be given to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience. 

All tours have a duration of approximately 2 hours.  

For the summer season of 2023 the cost will be, €40.00 per adult and €30.00 per child.


Custom and group tours are also available, see below.

The Lighthouse Tour, is the most popular tour on offer for the summer season and is generally the one we take when the weather and tidal conditions are favorable. The Duncannon Fort Tour, and the  Barrow Tour are all part of the scheduled boat  tours, but generally are only taken  when the conditions are unsuitable for the Lighthouse Tour or if there is any particular requests from the members of the group.


The Lighthouse Tour

The principle offering By Hook or by Crooke Boat Tours throughout the summer season is our Hook Lighthouse tour, which takes approximately 2 hours, with the main access points for all tours are the Harbour in Dunmore East Co Waterford and the  Quay in Ballyhack in Co Wexford. We travel from either departure point taking in Credan Head on past the iconic Hook Lighthouse, Loftus Hall and Duncannon Fort, all the while taking in the splendid views that the Estuary has to offer. Throughout the excursion the visitor will receive an in-depth guided tour of the significance of the harbour, the historic sites connected with it, tales of shipwrecks, pirates and local legends attached to the many small bays tucked in the coastline around nearly every corner

Other Tour Examples

Duncannon Fort

Duncannon Fort Tour

Travel from the scenic village of Ballyhack upriver to the fishing village of Cheekpoint taking in views of the Great Island Power Station and the Barrow Bridge. From Cheekpoint the tour returns down river towards Passage East and from there into the main area of Waterford estuary taking the pirates cove on Credan head. With the Hook Lighthouse and Loftus Hall in the background the tour returns past the historic Duncannon Fort, which has guarded the estuary for centuries to the village of Ballyhack taking in views of  the estuaries other two working lighthouses, the Fort lighthouse and the North Lighthouse.

The Barrow Tour

Travel from the scenic village of Ballyhack upriver past Buttermilk Point to the fishing village of Cheekpoint taking in views of the Great Island Power Station and the Barrow Bridge. The tour will continue up the river barrow past Kilmokea which according to legend  was the first inhabited area of the estuary by the descendants of Noah after the Great Flood, and return down river past Cheekpoint to Passage East and Ballyhack

Great Island Power Station

Custom Tours

If you have any special requests for a custom tour, please don’t hesitate to contact us, and we will endeavour to cater for your needs.

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